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About us

Nova Rent a Car is a car company based in Iasi, offering car rental services for short, medium or long term, with or without a driver.

The continuous development of the city of Iasi has made the tourism and business environment develop, bringing with it more and more opportunities and implicitly people looking for a mode of transport in the city or in its surroundings.

Based on these considerations, the company NOVA Rent a Car has developed and diversified its fleet of cars in the last years, bringing in front of customers cars from different types of engines, with different brands and of various sizes. We have thus proposed that anyone who wants to find a car in our car park according to his needs, whether he is traveling in a reduced formula, in the interest of business, or going on vacation with his extended family.

As one of the oldest companies in Iasi, Nova Rent a Car is constantly striving to meet the demands of its customers, adapting its services to their needs; in this sense we come to meet their needs with additional services and products such as: