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Car rental Iasi airport

Nova - Rent a Car focuses on providing car rental services around Iasi and car rentals in Iasi airport, trying to introduce the low-cost rental concept on the market. We believe that the tendency to look for products and services at lower prices is common to all people and more than justified in the context of the current market economy.


On this principle, Nova Rent a Car Iasi strives to offer its customers a wide range of rental cars at prices below the average, precisely to gain the adhesion of a larger segment.

Following carefully the feed-back offered by our clients every day, Nova Rent a Car is constantly trying to promote benefits, to retain our customers and at the same time to gain a competitive advantage on the market

Whether you need a car for a trip with friends, for long awaited vacation, for the time you have your car in service or for
temporary stopovers in the country, call with confidence the services offered by Nova Rent a Car Iasi to discover new dimensions of the car rental concept and to inform about the existing offers before you choose.

For groups of people who have available for rentring minibuses of 8 + 1 people.


Business in Iasi

Through a continuous growth over the years, Iasi County has become an important hub of development in the northeastern region of the country. In shaping this position, the Iasi companies had a real contribution, with local capital and more. Complex companies such as Delphi, Antibiotice SA, Conex or Kosarom are some of the most profitable, according to the statistics of the Chamber of Commerce and are the basis for the development of the city, creating thousands of jobs.

Moreover, in the pre-pandemic period, Iasi reached the performance of being on the 2nd place in Europe in terms of IT technology development, with a number of over 1000 IT companies, smaller or larger that generate a demand for constant work and recruits directly from university benches. Besides the most hunted foreign companies in terms of jobs such as Amazon, Continental, Oracle, Centric, the technology and telecommunications companies with 100% capital from Iasi are also very well placed both in terms of turnover and profits.

Although deficient in terms of highways, the Iasi area has tried to supplement in recent years by the continuous development of the Airport, adding annually new routes designed to ensure the mobility of people, but also the development of the local business environment. The air connection of Iasi to the great financial centers of the European Union is likely to stimulate the bilateral exchange of economic relations and to boost the number of investors in the area.


Tourism in Iasi

The hospitality sector is a huge part of Iasi. Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to visit, you can be sure that there are tourist attractions for everyone's taste.

You can discover the historical and cultural pearls of the city on foot, starting the itinerary from Copoului hill with A.Fatu Botanical Garden (being the first Botanical Garden in Romania), the Obelisk with Lions and Eminescu's Lime Tree (on the 3rd place in the list of trees protected by law in our country and with an estimated age of about 500 years), Cuza University (the first modern higher education institution in Romania) with the Hall of Lost Steps and the Central University Library.

Then, continuing the journey on the Lapusneanu pedestrian street and the Union Museum (residence of the ruler Al.I.Cuza), Stefan cel Mare Boulevard with the Metropolitan Cathedral and the architectural jewel - Three Hierarchs (completed in 1639), until the former Royal Court, where you can see Dosoftei House, the church of St. Nicholas (founded by tue ruler Stefan the Great) and the imposing Palace of Culture.

If you choose to use the car rental service in Iasi, you can significantly expand the tourist area to points of interest such as: Ruginoasa Palace (property and initial burial place of Prince Cuza and his 2 children), Miclauseni Castle ( a wonderful neo-Gothic construction, with a history of about 600 years), the Cucuteni archeological site (the area where the golden treasure from Baiceni and the Geto-Dacian tumular tombs from the 4th century BC were discovered)

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