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This is the new Honda CR-V SUV

2023-10-27 12:35:38 Author: Nova Rent a Car
This is the new Honda CR-V SUV


Honda brought the sixth generation of the CR-V model to the market, strengthening its presence in the family SUV segment, and the car rental office Nova Rent a Car Iasi airport announces that the new CR-V impresses with a modern design, both inside as well as outside, and marks the debut of the plug-in hybrid option (e:PHEV) in its European range and in Romania. With stiff competition from rivals such as the Skoda Karoq, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Peugeot 3008, the CR-V must live up to these expectations and provide an attractive solution for customers looking for an efficient and well-equipped family SUV equipped.

Honda's slogan "The Power of Dreams" is also exemplified in the new CR-V, which, while it doesn't have the same wow factor as a Honda sports car like the Civic Type R, is a family SUV with an engine attention-grabbing hybrid. The previous generation of the CR-V model marked the transition from pure gasoline propulsion to a hybrid system. With the new model, Honda has gone a step further by adding a plug-in hybrid variant (PHEV), called e:PHEV, in addition to the conventional hybrid variant. This gives customers two fuel efficient and affordable options.

The exterior design of the new Honda CR-V is a combination of elegance and functionality. With a modern and robust appearance, this family SUV impresses with its flowing lines and attention to detail. The front of the car features a hexagonal grille with a black finish, surrounded by slim headlights with discreet daytime running lights. The grille and sporty elements on the lower edge add a dynamic look.

In profile, the CR-V has 18-inch wheels, available in gray or black, depending on the trim level chosen. The massive doors and door handle are well contoured, contributing to the impression of solidity. The rear of the car is marked by Volvo taillights, with two additional elements on the tailgate. We also notice two decorative tailpipes, although they hide slimmer tailpipes behind them.

The new CR-V follows the classic SUV style, with a high profile and flowing lines, but with sporty elements that add extra character. Its overall appearance is both attractive and functional, making this SUV an ideal option for active families and those who appreciate modern design in a utility vehicle.

The interior of the new Honda CR-V is distinguished by generous space, comfort and functionality. With high-quality materials and great attention to detail, this family SUV offers a pleasant experience for both driver and passengers. A notable aspect is the high driver's position, which provides an excellent view of the road and a sense of control over traffic. The front seats are electrically adjustable and include a memory function to retain passengers' preferred settings. Thus, even when several drivers use the car, each can quickly and conveniently find the correct position. In addition, the front seats can be equipped with heating and, in the top versions, with ventilation, ensuring comfort in all weather conditions. The dashboard behind the steering wheel is dominated by a digital screen with a diameter of 26 cm and it provides the most important information for the driver. Although not as configurable as the VW Tiguan competitor, this screen provides clear and easy-to-read information. Higher-spec versions also come with a head-up display (HUD) that displays important data directly in the driver's field of vision.

An aspect appreciated by drivers and also by the car rental company Nova Rent a Car airport Iasi is the presence of a large number of buttons and physical controls, which makes it easier to access various functions of the infotainment system or adjust the air conditioning. This makes using the car less fun while driving compared to the touch-sensitive buttons found in some competing cars, such as the Seat Tarraco. The quality of materials is evident inside, with soft-touch surfaces and leather-like materials on the upper areas of the car and on the door panels. Gloss black detailing and silver accents add to the air of sophistication. However, despite the premium look, rougher and poor quality plastic portions can be seen in certain areas of the cabin, which may seem disappointing for the price of the car, especially in the e:PHEV variant.

Build quality is generally solid and sturdy with a durable feel. With large side windows and despite the wider rear pillars, visibility is excellent and maneuvering and parking are easy thanks to the parking sensors and video camera. In addition, LED headlights with automatic light function ensure good visibility during night driving. As for the infotainment system, the CR-V features a 23cm diameter touchscreen positioned at the top of the dashboard for quick visibility and easy access. With physical buttons for quick access to functions and a button to adjust the volume, this system is designed to be easy to use while driving. However, its screen resolution and interface may seem a little outdated compared to more modern systems from other manufacturers. Another highlight is the 12-speaker Bose audio system, which offers superior audio quality, even if it has to deal with more pronounced road noise compared to some cars in its class. This feature can add a pleasant listening experience in the cabin.

In terms of passenger space, the CR-V offers generous room for all occupants. The front seats are spacious with enough freedom of movement for both legs and head for most people. Also, the panoramic glass ceiling does not compromise headroom. Compared to some cars with the same type of panoramic roof, the CR-V offers more space. The interior is spacious enough, with generous storage space between the driver and front passenger, especially thanks to the central armrest. This armrest hides a storage drawer with a sliding tray, two cup holders and a wireless phone charging base with a built-in fan to cool the phone while charging. However, the compartments in the doors are relatively narrow and the glove compartment is not very spacious.

In the back, passengers can benefit from a generous amount of legroom and headroom, but there is one notable inconvenience. The panoramic glass roof creates a significant overhang that can be bothersome for taller passengers and affect headroom, especially in the middle seat. This is something to consider if the rear seat is to be used for passengers of medium or tall height. Instead, ease of access is ensured by wide door openings, making installing child car seats a breeze. It's important to note that the Honda CR-V is only available as a five-seater, which means there's no option to add a third row of seats to increase passenger capacity. If more seats are desired, then another model from a different range must be purchased.

Depending on the trim level, front passengers get power seat adjustments, but these do not include height adjustment or adjustable lumbar support for the front passenger. However, they will have heated seats in the base version or heated and ventilated seats in the Advance versions. The rear seat can be split 60/40, but lacks the more flexible functionality of competing models that offer a 40/20/40 split. However, it can be slid back and forth in the conventional hybrid version, offering the possibility to prioritize legroom or luggage space.

The e:PHEV variant has more rear legroom thanks to the battery being placed under the rear seats instead of under the boot floor. Thus, the trunk capacity for the Honda CR-V e:PHEV is 635 liters, while the CR-V e:HEV variant offers 596 liters. The trunk can comfortably hold eight small suitcases and leave room for a few shopping nets. It can also be noted that the boot floor is height adjustable, providing a completely flat surface up to the backs of the front seats. This layout makes loading bulky items easy and hassle-free. However, one unfortunate feature is that the adjustable boot floor area does not extend the entire length of the boot. This stops in front of the rear seats, resulting in an uneven boot floor. Without this awkward lift, the trunk could hold at least 10 small suitcases.

Loading bulky objects is easy due to the absence of a high threshold. Unlike some cars that have rear seats that fold down in a space-restricting way, the CR-V offers a flat, unobstructed surface to the base of the front seats, making it ideal for shopping for furniture or other large items . In short, the interior of the Honda CR-V offers an atmosphere of refinement and comfort, with generous passenger space, great attention to detail and convenient features. While there are some compromises in rear-seat headroom and harsher plastics in certain areas, overall this interior is a pleasant and functional environment for drivers and passengers.

The Honda CR-V is available in two main engine variants: e:HEV (conventional hybrid) and e:PHEV (plug-in hybrid), which the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi agency recommends you to purchase, each having distinct characteristics. The e:HEV model is powered by a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor, which in total develops 181 horsepower. This hybrid system offers a balance between fuel efficiency and performance. The e:PHEV model uses the same 2.0-liter gasoline engine, but has a larger battery with a capacity of 17.7 kWh. This allows the car to run fully electric for a significant distance, making it an excellent fuel-saving choice.

Both variants are equipped with a two-speed CVT automatic transmission that provides smooth and efficient gear changes. This type of transmission contributes to the overall performance of the car and does not keep the engine revving as high as possible during acceleration, so the noise produced by the engine is lower. The CR-V's suspension is designed to provide a balance between comfort and handling. This ensures a smooth ride, effectively absorbing bumps in the road. The suspension is less stiff compared to some competing models, making it suitable for those looking for comfort. In the e:PHEV variant, the suspension is tuned to provide an additional level of comfort to cope with the increased weight due to the large battery.

The e:PHEV (plug-in hybrid) variant offers significant electric range, with a range of approximately 82 kilometers with a fully charged battery. This allows short distances to be covered without using the petrol engine. In hybrid mode, the CR-V offers extended range, combining the petrol engine and the electric motor to ensure greater versatility in use. Fuel consumption depends on driving style and engine. The e:HEV variant offers higher fuel consumption compared to the e:PHEV variant due to the smaller battery capacity and its predominantly petrol operation. The e:PHEV variant is designed to run electrically a significant part of the time, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Honda CR-V offers good handling for a family SUV. With accurate steering and good vision of the road, the car handles well in city traffic and on more winding roads. However, the CR-V doesn't measure up to sporty models like the BMW X3 or Mazda CX-5 when it comes to handling. The softer suspension and less communicative steering make it feel less nimble in corners. So, the Honda CR-V offers varied engine and transmission options to cater to various customer preferences. Performance, range and fuel economy vary by engine, allowing customers to choose the variant that best suits their needs.

The Honda CR-V is available in several equipment variants, each offering a different set of features and options, and the Nova Rent a Car Iasi Airport office presents you in the lines below which they are:

  • Elegance: This is often the base version of the CR-V and includes basic features such as alloy wheels, LED headlights, dual-zone automatic climate control, touchscreen audio system, lane keep assist and more others.
  • Advance: The Advance variant adds premium features like leather seats, navigation system, head-up display, high quality audio system and more. It may also include options such as the Driving Assistance Package and an upgraded sound system.
  • Advance Tech: This version adds advanced technologies such as parking assist, a high-quality audio system and many additional safety features. It is often only available for the e:PHEV variant.
  • Style: Some markets may offer the Style variant, which adds design cues and additional premium features such as larger alloy wheels and exclusive interior features.

In conclusion, the Honda CR-V is a versatile and efficient family SUV, available in hybrid variants that offer options to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. The variety of engines, equipment levels and technological features make the CR-V a suitable option for different needs and preferences. Reliability has always been a strong point of the Honda brand, and the Nova Rent a Car Iasi office assures you that the CR-V is no exception. With regular maintenance and servicing, this SUV has the potential to provide many years of trouble-free operation. In terms of warranty, Honda usually offers a standard warranty of 3 years or 150,000 km, which includes roadside assistance. Thus, the Honda CR-V is a good choice for families looking for a comfortable, efficient and reliable SUV. With a wide range of options and features, this model continues to be a strong contender in the SUV market.


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