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These are the weirdest car logos and their hidden meanings

2023-03-12 10:58:09 Author: Nova Rent a Car
These are the weirdest car logos and their hidden meanings

All car brands in the world have a logo, we all know this because we see them on all cars. Some logos are simply painted, others are glued, but there are cases where the logos have their own anti-theft slot and can be hidden at the push of a button. These logos are placed everywhere, we see them on the radiator grill, on all the car rims, on the tailgate, on the steering wheel, on the door sills, on the headrests, they are everywhere. Sometimes we can tell right away what these logos are like the Jaguar that has the jumping feline design or its face. Other car manufacturers write their name directly on the logo and that's enough, for example Ford, BMW or Bugatti and others are more strange and the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi office shows you how they were born and what some of these car logos really signify.

Lamborghini has a very successful logo, it embodies an angry bull on a golden shield and can be viewed in the picture above. Why is it a bull? Well, many Lamborghini models are named after different Spanish breeds of fighting bulls such as Miura, Murcielago and Gallardo. But that's not why the bull is on their logo. In reality the logo is inspired by the zodiac symbol as a star sign or horoscope because for one reason or another the founder Ferrucio Lamborghini was a fan of the zodiac and his zodiac sign was the bull. Thus Ferrucio decided to use this symbol on his cars, however the image of a bull stuck on the body looks much better than a sheep or pig. Lamborghini is not the only car maker to use a zodiac symbol on their hood, the other car maker is called Abarth because they use the scorpion logo and the reason is the same. The founder Carlo Abarth was born under the sign of the scorpion and so decided to stick it on his cars, why not.

You probably recognize the logo in the picture above, it's obvious who it belongs to isn't it? It's from the car manufacturer Toyota but we're sure you don't know what it means. This logo is a combination of three oval shapes that can be used to write different letters and the most important thing is that you can write Toyota using this logo. The two small oval shapes make up the letter "T" and when the top of the horizontal oval shape is removed the letter "Y" results. The large outer oval shape forms the letter "O" and the vertically oriented oval shape is similar to the letter "A". We think this is an ingenious logo that is much more inspiring than sticking the brand name on the hood like for example Land Rover or Range Rover.

The BMW logo looks like someone simply wrote BMW on a dinner plate and added some blue shapes to make it more interesting. In reality this checkered pattern has two meanings. The first signifies the flag of the Bavaria region where the German car manufacturer was founded and BMW are the initials of Bavaria Motor Works. The checkered pattern also looks similar to a rotating propeller with the sky in the background, and this is the second meaning. BMW didn't originally want it to have that meaning either, but they've built aircraft engines in the past, and some people think it's meant to mean that and call it the blue propeller, but it's just a happy coincidence.

Even if some would think that the Mercedes logo is also inspired by a propeller, the car rental Nova Airport Iasi company teaches you that the three points on their famous star actually stand for land, sea and air. The reason for this meaning is given by the fact that Daimler, the company that owns Mercedes and laid the foundation for everything, in the past built engines for cars, ships and planes, so for land, sea and air and this is the meaning of the three-pointed star points.

Some believe that Americans are greedy and Jeep even has two logos. One is made up of just the word "Jeep" and the other is made up of two bridges and seven vertical lines between them. It is meant to look similar to the grills of an old Jeep like those used in World War II. There are many stories to explain why the Jeep has 7 bars on the radiator grills. Some say that the reason is given by the fact that Jeep was the first car to travel on all seven continents, maybe that's true, maybe not, we have no way of knowing. But there is another reason, jeeps were originally built as military vehicles by multiple companies, even Ford built jeeps during the war, so to differentiate them each manufacturer put a different number of bars on the grill. Some Jeeps had nine bars, some had seven. When Jeep started building mass cars for the general public they chose the seven bar design probably because it looked the best and thus the seven bar logo was born.

Most car logos are symmetrical, but Volvo's logo is not. The Swedish manufacturer uses a logo that looks like a circle with an arrow coming out of it, which resembles the symbol for the male gender. In reality this symbol comes from the world of alchemy. Alchemy is actually fake chemistry and comes from the middle ages when the world tried to turn different things into gold. Alchemy uses symbols to represent the various metals. This round symbol with an arrow coming out of it represents iron and this is Volvo's choice for its logo. Iron is the main ingredient in making the steel that most cars are made of and Volvo tells us that their cars are very safe, they are steel cars.

In the 1930s and 1940s there were many car manufacturers in Germany, which is why it was difficult for them to stand out. Thus four German car manufacturers joined forces to create a large and powerful company which they named Auto Union. The four German manufacturers that formed Auto Union were Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, and the people from Audi are recognized by everyone. When this union was formed, representatives of Auto Union decided that they needed a logo that represented all four car manufacturers that formed this company and they chose four interconnected rings similar to the Olympic logo but with one less ring and a different arrangement. Then the Auto Union company ended up being acquired by Volkswagen in the 60s and they decided to change the Auto Union name to Audi but kept the logo with four rings. According to the information obtained by Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi agency, Audi is not the only car manufacturer whose logo represents multiple companies that merged together because the Subaru logo is the same. It has an oval shape inside which are six stars that form a particular constellation. The big star represents the automaker Subaru and the other five smaller stars are the 5 companies that merged to create Fuji Heavy Industries which is the parent company of Subaru.


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