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The BMW i5 is the new all-electric model in the 5 Series range

2023-10-11 11:38:27 Author: Nova Rent a Car
The BMW i5 is the new all-electric model in the 5 Series range

The BMW i5 G60 represents a revolution within the eighth generation of the famous BMW 5 Series, and the Nova Rent a Car Iasi airport car rental office assures you that this new addition is an expression of the manufacturer's commitment to the future of electric mobility. With an all-electric version, the i5 rivals the likes of the Mercedes EQE and Audi A6, offering a luxury alternative in the world of electric cars. With a significant range and top performance, the i5 represents an important step in the evolution of electric vehicles. Furthermore, its diverse lineup, which includes plug-in hybrid variants, shows BMW's determination to offer options for all mobility preferences. This model clearly defines the future of luxury cars and confirms BMW's leading position in the automotive industry.

The new BMW i5 and 5 Series stand out with their exterior design. In the case of the 5 Series, BMW avoided the exaggerated front grille of the 4 Series and 7 Series, opting for two larger horizontal openings that appear in proportion to the entire front of the car. On the electric i5, these openings are not completely closed, leaving room for the vision cameras and radar sensors. The rest of the vehicle is defined by simplicity. The taillights do not stand out and provide a pleasant overall image. Although it feels slightly bulkier, thanks to the battery, it doesn't have the bloated look of other electric vehicles. The new 5 Series model has grown in all dimensions, becoming 8.6 cm longer, 3.3 cm wider and 2.8 cm taller than its predecessor, with a wheelbase increased by 2 cm.

Depending on the model, customers can choose between 19-, 20- or 21-inch wheels, and the i5 has special aerodynamic designs that improve efficiency. Next year, BMW will launch a 5 Series Touring model, the combi version of the limousine, which will also arrive in Romania, and in addition, fans of powerful engines will receive a new high-performance BMW M5 sedan, powered by the same V8 plug-in hybrid unit which we find in the BMW XM SUV. The exterior design of the new BMW 5 Series has been modernized, keeping cleaner lines and a minimalist profile. The i5 versions receive a few subtle changes to differentiate them from the internal combustion engine variants, including a slightly different grille and of course the absence of the rear exhaust. The most powerful i5 version, the M60 xDrive, has a much more aggressive look, with a black grille and a lowered height thanks to the sports suspension.

Compared to previous generations, the new 5 Series model offers a more modern and attractive design. The dual front grille has a sleeker look with the possibility of illumination, and the M Sport model features an all-black design. The door handle fits perfectly into the body design. Slim LED taillights give the car a distinct look, and the extended black area at the rear completes the modern image. The new changes bring a more angular look and welcome simplicity to the 5 Series, keeping it competitive against rivals such as the Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6.

The interior of the BMW i5 and 5 Series G60 impresses with its modern design and state-of-the-art technology. The new BMW i5 brings an important change for the BMW brand, offering a completely vegan interior using a composite material called "Veganza". This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers a pleasant touch. The seats in the i5 are extremely are comfortable and offer excellent support, and the choice of interior material is proving to be preferred by many over leather.The interior of the 5 Series takes many design cues from the larger model, the BMW 7 Series, offering a cabin with high-quality finishes. In addition to its pleasing aesthetics, the interior is also very spacious.The retro-lit panels can change color according to the preset driving "mood", adding a personalized and modern look. The rotating glass controller for the iDrive infotainment system is an outstanding design element, making it easy to use. The wireless charging surface in front of the cup holder also has space for two smartphones, adding extra convenience and functionality.

The new 5 Series model brings significant improvements in terms of technology and connectivity. The iDrive 8.5 infotainment system offers a 31 cm diameter screen for the driver's instruments behind the steering wheel and a 38 cm diameter central infotainment touchscreen. This new software brings new features and a modernized design with a redesigned home screen and buttons for frequently used functions. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included wirelessly. This level of technology ensures an advanced user experience and connectivity within the 5 Series model. An interesting aspect is the introduction of the AirConsole software by BMW and the Nova Rent a Car Iasi Airport company informs you that it offers the possibility to play various video games on the car's multimedia screen, turning waiting moments into fun experiences. Passengers can scan a QR code to access a variety of games, including a Mario Kart-like game. This addition brings a touch of entertainment and interactivity inside the car, turning journeys into a fun experience.

For safety, BMW's Highway Assistant system offers a new function for the i5: automatic lane change without driver intervention. This functionality, of course, is not new, but its activation is based on gestures. When the system detects that the driver wants to change lanes, it will display a prompt on the digital dashboard screen and heads-up display (HUD), and the driver can activate the change just by looking in the appropriate mirror. Even though this functionality may seem like a novelty, since changing lanes can also be done by signaling, it can eliminate uncertainty for drivers who forget to use signals. Automatic lane change technology will also become available to existing users of the Highway Assistant system via an over-the-air update. However, the move to level 3 autonomy, with Highway Assistant officially classified as level 2, remains uncertain despite ongoing prototype testing.

The BMW i5 offers generous space for passengers and enough capacity in the trunk to cope with daily demands. At the front, the BMW i5 has generous legroom and headroom for adults up to 1.83 meters tall, even with the panoramic glass roof. In addition, there are practical storage spaces, including two cup holders and a central compartment with lid. However, the dash drawer and door compartments could be larger to provide more storage space.

Rear passengers will feel more comfortable in the BMW i5 than in the Mercedes EQE, as there is more headroom and legroom. The rear seat is mounted higher off the ground, so passengers with longer legs won't have to sit with their knees up at an awkward angle. The bench seat is also longer and offers better thigh support. However, the presence of a large central rise in the floor limits the legroom of the middle passenger. In comparison, the Mercedes EQE offers a flat floor as it is a car built on an electric platform.

The trunk of the i5 has a capacity of 490 liters, which is slightly larger than that of the Mercedes EQE. There is also a deep storage area under the floor for cables. However, the sedan trunk opening can be a bit restricted when you need to load larger items. For added comfort, you can opt for the optional Confort package, which includes an electric tailgate. There is no additional storage space under the hood as found in the Porsche Taycan. For those who want more practicality, the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi agency recommends waiting for the release of the i5 Touring station wagon version, which will join the range at the beginning of 2024.

The new BMW i5 brings with it a varied range of powertrains and performance, making this model a formidable competitor in the electric car market. It is the first time the BMW 5 Series is available as a pure electric vehicle, and two versions will be available at launch. The base model is called the eDrive 40 and is powered by a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels. This engine delivers 240 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, with the option to activate boost mode to get 430 Nm of torque for a short period. This model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds, slightly faster than the Mercedes EQE 350, but for those looking for more speed, there is a much faster version. The BMW i5 M60 is equipped with a second electric motor located on the front axle, providing all-wheel drive and a total of 601 horsepower and 820 Nm of torque. This version is almost as powerful as the BMW M5 Competition that precedes it. The M60 model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Both the new BMW i5 eDrive 40 and the M60 use the same battery with a capacity of 81.2 kWh, slightly smaller than the 89 kWh battery found in the Mercedes EQE. BMW claims the eDrive 40 has a range of up to 583 km, slightly less than the 603 km offered by the EQE 300. The M60 model has a range of up to 515 km, slightly less than the eDrive 40 but slightly more than the 450 km claimed by Mercedes for the AMG EQE 53.

For those who prefer petrol engines, for the moment there is only one option - the BMW 520i. However, the 520i is not without electrification, as it gets mild-hybrid technology as standard. It delivers 208 horsepower, just over 20 horsepower more than the outgoing 520i, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. This is exactly the same as the base versions of the Mercedes E-Class. In general, each i5 variant can be fast-charged at speeds of up to 205kW - more than the larger, more luxurious i7 model, which stops at 195kW.

In addition to the launch of the new BMW i5 and the gasoline engine version of the 5 Series, two plug-in hybrid models are now available in Romania. The entry point in the plug-in hybrid range, and which the Nova Rent a Car Ia?i Airport office recommends, is the BMW 530e, which uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine. It's mated to an electric motor that delivers 299 horsepower to the rear wheels alone and can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds, three-tenths of a second slower than the base i5 electric version. Perhaps more important than acceleration time is electric range, and the 530e can travel up to 100km before the petrol engine takes over. This is nearly double the range offered by the previous 530e plug-in hybrid model. If you want more performance, the BMW 550e might appeal to you. Although it has a shorter electric range of up to 90 km in electric mode, it is equipped with a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, which, together with the electric motor, produces an impressive 489 horsepower. That's 41 horsepower more than the previous BMW M550i, and thanks to standard all-wheel drive, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

The driving experience with the new BMW i5 is captivating, whether you choose the eDrive40 or the M60 xDrive version. The car benefits from agile handling, with a significant advantage given the low center of gravity thanks to the battery placed at the base and the compact electric motors. The steering is precise and predictable, although it can feel slightly springy in the Comfort setting, but becomes sharp and precise in Sport mode. Even with the car's generous dimensions, the BMW i5 remains easy to handle in any situation, offering a sense of balance. Well-tuned suspensions contribute to the car's excellent handling, with the M60 xDrive version being slightly stiffer than the eDrive40, offering less cornering lean. However, the ride quality does not involve raw and sudden sensations, but rather informs the driver. The car offers better body control, allowing for an extra level of comfortable driving even on the highway.

The significant difference between the two models appears in the braking system, where the M60 xDrive receives a more powerful motorsport-inspired system, offering a powerful and effective brake pedal. This compares to the eDrive40's brakes, which seem to need more effort to stop the 2.2-tonne sedan. Regardless of the version chosen, the new BMW i5 impresses with its handling and ability to successfully cope with any challenge. Whether you opt for the 600 horsepower version of the M60 or the eDrive40 version, you will experience the pleasure of a sporty and comfortable drive. With a well-balanced chassis and well-tuned suspension, the BMW i5 offers a level of comfort and control that won't disappoint. By experiencing these features, you will appreciate the true essence of an electric sports car.

Prices for the new BMW i5 and 5 Series models vary by version and specification. As for the BMW i5, the basic eDrive40 version has a starting price of 68 thousand euros, and the M60 variant rises to 90 thousand euros before options. These prices put the BMW i5 in a similar range to other luxury electric cars like the Mercedes-Benz EQE and Tesla Model S. On the other hand, the BMW 5 Series offers a diverse range of models. The basic version of the new 5 Series, 520i, starts from 50 thousand euros in Romania. If you are interested in plug-in hybrid variants, the 530e starts at 60 thousand euros, and the more powerful version, the 550e, costs 75 thousand euros.

In conclusion, the new BMW i5 and 5 Series models represent a significant evolution in the world of luxury cars. The BMW i5 brings electric technology into a familiar 5 Series package, offering competitive range and a distinctive design. With prices that align with other luxury electric cars, the Nova Rent a Car Ia?i office assures you that the new BMW i5 is aimed at those looking for performance and comfort in an electric vehicle. On the other hand, the 5 Series offers a wide range of options to meet various needs and preferences. With its plug-in hybrid models, the 5 Series adds energy efficiency to the equation, while still maintaining BMW's trademark driving qualities and luxury. Regardless of the choice made, both models represent a solid investment in a luxury car. With state-of-the-art technology and top performance, BMW continues to remain a popular choice for those who appreciate quality and innovation in the automotive industry. The new BMW i5 and 5 Series models are sure to attract the attention of drivers looking for an exceptional driving experience.


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