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Mercedes launched the new E Class W214 model

2023-08-01 19:28:28 Author: Nova Rent a Car
Mercedes launched the new E Class W214 model

The new generation Mercedes E-Class, known as the W214 model, will be launched this summer. This automobile has always been a favorite among luxury car buyers and is currently at the top of the mid-size luxury sedan rankings. Although the Audi A6 and the BMW 5 Series are both capable, comfortable and spacious, from the point of view of the Nova Rent a Car Iasi Airport car rental office, the new E-Class is the most complete car in its segment. For 2024, the new E-Class is completely new and aims to maintain its leading position. In short, the sixth generation of the E-Class looks like this:

  • Completely new design
  • State-of-the-art infotainment system
  • Diesel, gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines
  • The plug-in hybrid models have an autonomy of 100 km on battery only
  • Optional rear wheel steering
  • Available in estate body variant
  • Available for purchase this summer
  • The price starts from 60,000 euros

The exterior design of the new Mercedes E-Class W214 brings a number of innovations and advances compared to its predecessor, the W213. The new model retains the classic line of a three-volume limousine, but presents a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. One of the most notable changes is the front end of the car. The E-Class W214 adopts a "Black Panel" radiator grille that smoothly connects with the headlights. This creates an impression of unity and content, and LED technology is carefully used to give it an attractive and unmistakable look. The headlights continue to bring to the fore the famous "Vieraugen" (four eyes) design of the E-Class, a traditional feature of the Mercedes range. The headlights feature two curved light elements on each side, maintaining the brand's distinctive identity.

Flowing lines and large rims contribute to an elegant and dynamic side profile. The model features a variety of wheel sizes, including the option for 21-inch wheels for a sportier and more imposing look. At the rear, the new E-Class retains the signature styling of the series, with split LED taillights and Mercedes star lighting. The design of the trunk is designed to preserve the elegance and emphasize the premium character of the car. The size of the car has increased slightly compared to the previous model, thus the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi company announces that the new model has a length of 4.95 meters and a width of 1.88 meters, the new E-Class W214 becomes a little bigger and more imposing, which adds even more presence on the road. Another interesting option is the system of retractable door handles, which hide in the body to improve the aerodynamics and the overall appearance of the car. These handles open automatically when the car is unlocked or when a person approaches them.

Overall, the exterior design of the new Mercedes E-Class W214 combines classic and elegant lines with modern elements and advanced technologies. The model brings a distinctive and refined appearance, while maintaining the iconic features of the E-Class range. With these changes and improvements, the new E-Class continues to demonstrate its leading position in the luxury sedan segment.

The interior of the new Mercedes E-Class W214 impresses with a luxurious design and advanced technologies that create a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere for passengers. The interior design of the E-Class W214 is based on the brand's "Sensual Purity" philosophy, bringing a balance between elegant lines, high-quality materials and innovative technology. The front panels are curved and fluid, harmoniously integrated with the technological elements. Finishing options such as walnut wood, aluminum or premium leather contribute to the creation of a refined and pleasant atmosphere. The front seats are ergonomically contoured and offer excellent support for driver and passenger. The seats can be electrically adjusted and are available with heating, ventilation and massage functions for an optimal level of comfort during long journeys.

On the infotainment side, the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi agency reminds you that the new Mercedes E-Class W214 comes equipped with the latest generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) operating system. This intelligent system is based on artificial intelligence and can be controlled via a high-resolution touchscreen, via voice commands or the touchpad in the center console. One of the notable novelties of the MBUX system is its hyper-connected approach and its ability to learn the driver's preferences. The more it is used, the more intuitive it becomes and the more capable it is of providing personalized recommendations, from optimal routes to climate and multimedia suggestions. The central infotainment screen can be individually configured so that passengers have quick access to their favorite information and functions. In addition, the MBUX system features advanced smartphone connectivity, allowing easy integration of apps and access to your favorite media content.

Driver assistance systems are also an important part of the experience offered by the E-Class W214. From Active Brake Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist to Park Assist, the car features advanced technologies designed to support the driver in various driving situations and increase safety. In terms of storage space, the E-Class offers enough space for personal belongings and luggage, and its generous trunk allows luggage to be transported comfortably over long distances.

The audio system of the new Mercedes E-Class W214 model has been carefully designed to provide a high-quality sound experience designed to exceed passenger expectations. Regardless of each customer's preferences, the range of audio system options is varied and customizable. The basic option is represented by a standard audio system, which provides a clear and pleasant sound thanks to the strategic placement of the speakers inside the car. However, for those looking for a superior listening experience, there are also premium variants available. Mercedes-Benz collaborates with prestigious brands in the audio industry, such as Burmester or Bang & Olufsen, to offer high-quality audio systems with improved acoustics and faithful reproduction of music. To ensure a pleasant and noise-free journey, the Mercedes E-Class can be equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology. This technology uses microphones to detect ambient noises and cancels them through a reverse-phase sound generation process, so passengers can enjoy a quieter environment focused on the audio experience. The audio system can also be seamlessly integrated with various devices, including smartphones and tablets, offering the ability to listen to your favorite music from your personal sources or access streaming services for an unlimited variety of entertainment options.

So, the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class W214 represents a successful mix between luxury, technology and comfort. The sleek design, advanced MBUX infotainment system and modern driver assistance features once again demonstrate Mercedes' commitment to providing a premium experience for both drivers and passengers.

The new Mercedes E-Klasse W 214 model offers a varied range of engines, but according to the information obtained by the Nova Rent a Car Iasi Airport office, it will be the last of its range to be built on a platform for internal combustion engines. From 2030, Mercedes plans to offer only electric cars in Germany. Until then, the E-Klasse comes with modern engines and advanced technology. The engine range includes three mild-hybrid variants, all equipped with an integrated starter generator (ISG) system, a new battery and a more powerful 17 kW electric motor. The E 200 has a four-cylinder engine with 204 hp. The only diesel engine is the E 220 d, with 197 hp. In addition, three plug-in hybrid variants will be available, which promise an all-electric range of over 100 kilometers. The E300e combines a 204 hp four-cylinder engine with a 95 kW (129 hp) electric motor, for a total output of 312 hp and an electric range of up to 118 kilometers. The larger variant, the E400e 4Matic, offers 381 hp and a maximum electric range of 111 kilometers. The plug-in hybrid models come with a built-in 11 kW charger, and an optional 55 kW DC charger can be opted for.

The new Mercedes E-Klasse model comes equipped with a suspension and chassis that combine comfort and performance for a pleasant and safe driving experience. Optionally, the E-Klasse can be equipped with the Airmatic pneumatic suspension system, which provides a high level of comfort on bumpy roads and ensures excellent stabilization in corners and at high speeds. Airmatic constantly adjusts the suspension according to road and load conditions, thus adapting in real time to the needs of the driver and passengers. Another interesting feature is the optional rear-wheel steering system. This means that the rear wheels can be steered up to 4.5 degrees in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds, and at higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels. This technology improves the handling and agility of the car when parking and at low speeds, as well as stability at high speeds and when cornering. In addition, the E-Klasse comes with the Dynamic Select system, which allows the driver to choose between several driving modes: Comfort, Eco, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. These modes adjust the suspension, steering and engine parameters to suit the driver's preferences and road type. For the AMG versions, the suspension and chassis are optimized for superior performance and agility. AMG models also benefit from adaptive air suspension, which can adjust stiffness in real time to achieve sporty behavior and precise car control. The suspension and chassis of the new Mercedes E-Klasse offer an excellent combination of comfort and dynamics, allowing drivers to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience on long journeys, but also a sporty and engaging behavior on winding roads or at higher speeds. These advanced technologies help position the E-Klasse as a representative car in its segment, offering luxury, comfort and performance at the highest level.

From the information available at the moment, the release date for the new Mercedes E-Klasse model is estimated for the summer or fall of 2023. However, it is important to note that the exact release dates may vary depending on the region and production factors or logistics. In terms of prices, the Nova car rental office in Iasi estimates that the price will start from around 60,000 euros for the base model, E 200 in Romania. Prices will vary depending on trim level, added options and engine. For higher-performance models, such as AMG or fully equipped variants, prices will be higher and can significantly exceed the starting price.

In conclusion, the new Mercedes E-Klasse model, with the internal code W 214, brings with it a series of improvements and innovations in design, technology, performance and efficiency. With an architecture developed on a modern platform, it is presented as the last generation of Mercedes E-Klasse to be launched with petrol and diesel engines. It also underlines Mercedes-Benz's intention to move towards electrification, with an emphasis on plug-in hybrid variants with impressive electric range. The new E-Klasse maintains its prestigious status in the luxury class, offering a revolutionary design with advanced interior technology and driver assistance. From the infotainment system with an impressive screen to smart comfort and safety solutions, Mercedes' efforts to provide a refined and enjoyable driving experience for passengers can be seen. In the end, the new Mercedes E-Klasse W214 promises to be a remarkable automobile, intended to continue the tradition of elegance and luxury associated with the E-Klasse name, but also to mark the transition to the electric future of the Mercedes-Benz brand.


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