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HiPhi Z is an electric luxury car that attracts all eyes

2023-08-06 20:09:16 Author: Nova Rent a Car
HiPhi Z is an electric luxury car that attracts all eyes

The HiPhi Z model is a luxury electric car produced by the emerging Chinese brand HiPhi, part of the "big tech" group Human Horizons. Founded in 2017 with the desire to create a truly future-oriented, Chinese-owned and operated luxury car brand, HiPhi has seen impressive growth, going on to launch its third car in just six years. With a market share that, according to the information obtained by the Nova Rent a Car Iasi airport office, is already close to 25% in the luxury electric car segment in China, HiPhi now aims to become a global brand, launching its HiPhi models X and HiPhi Z in Europe from September 2023. The HiPhi Z is a fully electric, high-performance shooting brake GT with a long range and an innovative design that combines Japanese manga styling aggression with a tribute to the BMW i brand and digital technology . However, its unconventional aesthetics and over-emphasis on digital technology can be polarizing topics, while its dynamic performance doesn't impress as much as other GTs on the market. However, for lovers of digital technology in automotive applications, the HiPhi Z can be a fascinating choice.

The exterior design of Human Horizons HiPhi Z is truly unique and impressive. This is a generously sized luxury electric car, featuring a length of five meters and a shooting brake look that gives it a distinctive profile. Its appearance is a unique combination of aggressiveness, digital technology and stylistic influences from Japanese manga and the BMW i brand. With a bold and futuristic design, the HiPhi Z stands out through the extensive use of LED light strips and massive sensors, which dress the body in - an innovative way. Curved lines and sculpted surfaces blend harmoniously to create a strong impression of movement and dynamism. While its design may polarize public opinion, there's no denying its originality in the luxury car landscape. Compared to competing cars from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan and others, the HiPhi Z stands out with a distinct design approach. While established brands often opt for more traditional and elegant lines, HiPhi Z chooses to be bold and stand out with its unconventional look. Its aggressive and futuristic design brings it to the attention of those looking for something truly original and innovative in the world of luxury cars. On the other hand, rival cars from Porsche and Nissan, which incorporate sporty and aggressive design elements, share a certain side of the HiPhi Z's character. However, the HiPhi Z brings an extra touch of originality and a unique mix of styles, turning it into a real visual magnet.

The LEDs are one of the key elements of the exterior design of the Human Horizons HiPhi Z and contribute substantially to the unique visual impression that the car gives off. With no less than 4066 LEDs strategically placed throughout the body, they add an element of spectacularity and modernity to the design. These LED light strips are used in a variety of ways, enhancing the futuristic and technological look of the car. A notable example is the presence of a panel on the side of the car, which can be used to display words or messages, thus giving it an interactive and unique character. However, this feature can only be used when the car is stopped to avoid potential distractions or safety issues while driving. In addition, the exterior design of the HiPhi Z also includes an impressive LED light strip on the rear of the car, which spans the entire width of the car. This feature adds a distinctive and futuristic touch to the design, and in combination with the lack of a rear window and a massive spoiler, creates a striking and unmistakable look.

However, it is important to note that the extensive use of LEDs can be a subject of divided opinion among potential buyers. Some may appreciate the modern and innovative look that LEDs bring, considering it a strong point of the car's exterior design. On the other hand, others may feel that they are too bold or that the excess of lights may affect the overall harmony of the design. The exterior LEDs are a key element of the exterior design of the Human Horizons HiPhi Z, bringing a touch of modernity, spectacularity and technology. Although they may polarize public opinion, these LED light strips certainly add a fresh and innovative air to the car, cementing its status as a luxury electric car with a truly distinctive design. Therefore, the Nova Rent a Car Iasi company believes that the exterior design of the Human Horizons HiPhi Z is innovative and non-conformist, which allows it to stand out among the luxury cars on the market. With aggressive, futuristic and bold styling, the HiPhi Z is eye-catching and a suitable choice for those who value advanced technology and individuality in automotive design.

The interior design of the Human Horizons HiPhi Z is as remarkable as the exterior design, offering a luxurious and technology-filled passenger experience. Entry into the car is through motorized doors, which adds a sophisticated and futuristic air. The cabin is spacious and refined, with high-quality materials and a welcoming ambience. The quality of the interior materials is very good, surpassing those from the American electric car manufacturer, Tesla. The interior is decorated with vegan leather that feels soft and comfortable. Despite the premium quality of the materials, the interior design is also highlighted by the excessive use of digital technology. The centerpiece of the cabin is a touchscreen infotainment system that is 38 centimeters in diameter, called the HiPhi Bot. It is mounted on a robotic arm, allowing it to automatically turn towards the driver when it detects that the driver is looking at it or the front passenger. The system enjoys very good sensitivity and image clarity, but its swivel mount is considered by some sources to be a useless feature, adding little to its overall usefulness.

Another notable aspect of the interior design is that the car offers an interesting four-seater configuration in a diamond-shaped arrangement. This adds an extra touch of exclusivity and style, allowing for easier interaction between passengers and a more intimate travel experience. However, there is a caveat regarding the positioning of the driver's seat, which is considered to be a bit high for a sports car, despite the fact that it should offer a low and enveloping cabin feel. In terms of interior passenger space, the rear seats are quite roomy for adults, but the little space under the seats given by the high floor under which the batteries are located can affect legroom comfort. Overall, the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi agency believes that the interior design of the Human Horizons HiPhi Z impresses with its elegance, quality of materials and advanced technology, which gives it a modern and futuristic touch. However, some aspects of the excessive use of digital technology and the positioning of the driver's seat may be subject to individual preferences. Ultimately, the car manages to create a luxurious and immersive experience for those who appreciate novelty and innovation in interior design.

The Human Horizons HiPhi Z's driving behavior is generally appreciated, offering a pleasant and comfortable experience. In the urban environment, the car handles well, but there are some aspects that can be considered less convenient. In the city, the HiPhi Z impresses with its handling, thanks to the adaptive suspension and four-wheel steering, which allow easy and precise handling. This makes maneuvering through heavy traffic easier and more efficient. Outside the city, the car handles well on twisty roads and offers a pleasant experience during more dynamic driving. The adaptive suspension helps maintain the car's stability and control when cornering, and its solid acceleration performance allows for smooth overtaking of other vehicles. On the highway, the HiPhi Z offers a high level of refinement and comfort, with the suspension effectively absorbing road bumps. However, there is some wind noise at high speeds, but it does not significantly affect ride comfort.

One of the car's strong points is its impressive electric range which officially stands at 710 km, and in real tests it indicates a range of almost 400 miles. This aspect makes the HiPhi Z a suitable choice for long trips and long-distance use without the need for frequent charging. However, the Nova Rent a Car Iasi Airport office noticed that despite its solid performance, the HiPhi Z does not stand out as an extremely dynamic and sporty car. Its driving behavior is rather comfortable and refined, without rivaling the best performing GTs on the market. The Human Horizons HiPhi Z behaves well to drive, offering easy handling in the city, a pleasant experience on extra-urban roads and comfort on the highway. With an impressive electric range, it is a suitable choice for long journeys and offers an overall pleasant and refined driving experience. However, the car is not characterized by extreme dynamism, being rather oriented towards comfort and technology.

Human Horizons HiPhi Z impresses with its high performance and advanced technology. The car is equipped with a dual-motor electric system that delivers a combined output of 672 horsepower and an impressive 820 Nm of torque. This impressive performance allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds, which is remarkable for a luxury electric car. The HiPhi Z offers a pleasant feeling of power and a quick reaction to pressing the accelerator pedal. The battery capacity is 120 kWh. In terms of charging times, the HiPhi Z comes with a charging speed of 150kW. This allows the battery to charge at a reasonable rate, but may fall short of the charging speed offered by some competing cars such as the Porsche Taycan. However, its generous battery capacity makes up for this and gives it significant autonomy.

The HiPhi Z luxury model, produced by the Chinese company Human Horizons, impresses with its bold design and advanced technology. The European launch of the HiPhi Z is scheduled for September 2023, when this eccentric car will initially be available in Norway and Germany, followed by a right-hand drive UK market launch in 2025. its futuristic design and advanced technology, the HiPhi Z has to compete with other luxury car manufacturers such as the Porsche Taycan and the Polestar 5, which offer exceptional performance and design.

In conclusion, the Human Horizons HiPhi Z brings an innovative and distinguished approach to the world of luxury electric cars, offering an exciting blend of technology and avant-garde design. With its imminent launch in Europe at the price of 100 euros, electric car enthusiasts will be able to explore this eccentric and sophisticated creature that brings a fresh and bold perspective to the luxury car segment.


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