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Gravity is the first SUV from the American brand Lucid

2024-01-10 15:22:14 Author: Nova Rent a Car
Gravity is the first SUV from the American brand Lucid

Lucid Motors entered the automotive landscape with a revolutionary vision of electric mobility, and the Nova Rent a Car Iasi office announces that it is expanding its horizons in the segment of electric SUVs with the launch of its new model, Gravity. Lucid Gravity is not only an attempt to diversify the portfolio, but also a manifestation of the ambition to be at the forefront of the competition in the luxury SUV segment. In an automotive landscape marked by fierce competition and obvious saturation, Lucid Motors aims to redefine the standards of luxury and performance. With an electric range superior to any other electric SUV on the market, Gravity promises to offer an unparalleled driving experience, combining generous space, exceptional handling and a luxurious design. This seven-seater comes as an SUV alternative to the already established Lucid Air sedan.

Despite recent production and cost challenges, Gravity is born as a symbol of hope for Lucid Motors. Starting out as Atieva and initially specializing in high-performance batteries for Formula E teams, the company has evolved and changed the game in the electric car industry. The Lucid Motors name came with the promise of a mid-size sedan that would deliver the feel of an iconic, spacious vehicle. With the launch of the Gravity, this promise now extends into the realm of SUVs.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO at Lucid, underlines the importance of this moment for the company: "Gravity SUV represents a significant leap in Lucid's leading technology and design. Customers will discover an unprecedented combination of space and maneuverability, luxury and versatility, all integrated harmoniously in a remarkable vehicle, with the driving experience and autonomy specific to a true Lucid creation." Thus, Lucid Motors heads confidently into the future, aspiring to redefine the standards of luxury and efficiency in the electric SUV segment, with the Gravity model as the benchmark of this ambition.

At the design level, Lucid Gravity impresses with fluid lines and delicate curves. The aerodynamic profile cleverly hides an elongated cabin, creating an overall shape that exudes elegance and suggests forward momentum. This theme extends to the rear of the vehicle, where the sharply angled C-pillar looks like an arrowhead in full flight. Lucid claims it achieved a drag coefficient of under 0.24 Cd, which the company says is unmatched by any other three-row SUV on sale today.

Although it exudes a sporty air, Lucid Gravity does not give up the functionality specific to an SUV, such as cargo transport or towing. Thanks to the most powerful electric motors currently in production, the Gravity will be able to carry up to 700 kilograms of cargo or tow a maximum of 2.7 tons. That puts it just short of the Ford F-150 Lightning's capability, which is pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.

As with Ford's Lightning model, the Gravity will feature a substantial trunk under the hood (frunk), but at this time we have no further details on cargo capacity or power outlets. However, we have a picture of two mature people sitting in the frunk, so we can imagine how roomy it is.

The Gravity's interior is dominated by two major screens: a 68cm curved OLED display that floats above the steering wheel and serves as both a driver instrument and infotainment screen, and a second Pilot touchscreen located in the center console , which can be folded to reveal additional storage space. Gravity will feature the latest generation of operating software from Lucid, which can be updated via wireless connection.

There will also be a number of features designed to promote "well-being". These include Lucid Sanctuary, loosely described as "a revolutionary set of experiences carefully designed to bring stillness into motion"; and Lucid Spaces, where a simple touch "transforms the cabin into a serene retreat, enveloping drivers in the soothing atmosphere of places like Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree." We hope these will help reduce incidents of road rage when driving in traffic.

As with the Air, Lucid emphasizes generous space and carrying capacity as the Gravity's unique selling points. Both the second and third row seats can be folded completely to reveal an impressive 3200 liters of cargo space. This is similar to the spaces offered by vehicles such as the Ford Explorer and Toyota Sequoia, thus appealing to customers who find the current generation of electric vehicles a little too small. According to Lucid's claims, Gravity can comfortably seat seven passengers.

The new Lucid Gravity model is establishing itself in the world of electric vehicles with outstanding performance, demonstrating once again Lucid's commitment to innovation and sustainability. With an impressive autonomy of up to 710 kilometers, the Nova Rent a Car Iasi airport company informs you that it thus surpasses other electric SUVs with three rows of seats on the market, such as Tesla Model X (560 km), Kia EV9 (370 km), Rivian R1S (640 km for the twin engine version), and Volvo EX90 (480 km).

With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, Gravity combines sporty performance with generous autonomy, thus offering a dynamic and efficient driving experience. Although the starting price is quite steep, around 75,000 euros, Lucid does not compromise on technology and innovation, promising an SUV that goes into production at the end of this year.

An innovative aspect of the Gravity model is its 900-volt electrical architecture, surpassing the current 800-volt standards of fast charging vehicles. Connected to a 350 kW fast charger, Gravity can add up to 320 km of range in just 15 minutes. This advanced technology not only improves charging efficiency, but also reduces the amount of precious metals and minerals needed in the battery, the overall energy consumption, the impact on the electric grid, and the weight of the vehicle.

Lucid's CEO, Peter Rawlinson, emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainability and the Nova Rent a Car Airport Iasi agency translated his statement for you: "Gravity will take its customers further with fewer batteries, thus using less precious energy. Its battery smaller, lighter and with advanced technology means less precious metals and minerals, less energy to charge, less electricity consumed, less strain on the grid, and a lighter and more dynamic vehicle. When we say we are here to advance technology, that's what it means - that's really sustainability in action."

In conclusion, Lucid Gravity lives up to expectations, bringing a stunning combination of performance, range and innovation to the world of electric vehicles. With a sophisticated design, its spacious interior and advanced technology, the Nova Rent a Car Iasi Airport office assures you that Gravity is not just an electric SUV, but a strong statement of Lucid's commitment to the future of sustainable mobility.

The impressive autonomy of up to 710 km, the rapid acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and the 900-volt electric architecture place Gravity at the top of its segment, offering customers an engaging and efficient driving experience. In addition, innovations such as Lucid Sanctuary and Lucid Spaces highlight the company's attention to the well-being of passengers, transforming the journey into an experience full of comfort and tranquility.

With all the challenges facing the industry and a fluctuating economic context, Gravity is a shining star in the electric car landscape, bringing hope and progress at a crucial time. With its production planned to begin in late 2024, Gravity is shaping up to be not just a vehicle, but an evolution of technology and the concept of sustainable mobility.

In the lines below, the Nova Rent a Car Iasi office shows you how the new Lucid Gravity presents itself:

  • Electric SUV with three rows of seats
  • An alternative to Tesla's Model X
  • Similar design to the Lucid Air sedan model
  • Greater autonomy than all competing models
  • Reservations are open and deliveries are estimated at the end of 2024

Finally, Lucid Motors proves that it is dedicated not only to competing, but to redefining the standards in the field of luxury electric vehicles. Gravity is not just a car - it is a fulfilled vision of the future of mobility, marked by performance, efficiency and a firm commitment to sustainability.


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